In-Car Entertainment & Multimedia

DAB Digital Radio

What is DAB Digital Radio?
It’s a better way of listening to radio – bringing you a whole new world of benefits.

  • An explosion in listening choice
    On DAB digital radio you can listen to national commercial stations, BBC national stations and a whole raft of local stations. Some of them are analogue favourites, others are new to your radio. Either way, you’ll enjoy a diverse mixture of listening, including stations dedicated to classic rock, musical decades, chart hits and a range of other stations to suit your mood.
  • Clearly digital sound quality
    Say goodbye to analogue hiss and crackle, DAB digital radio brings you much less interference and a massive sound quality upgrade for AM stations.
  • The end of confusing frequencies
    Forget about remembering frequency numbers, a DAB digital radio displays the stations by name. That gives you the confidence to explore the airwaves and change stations at the touch of a button.
  • Brand new features
    Digital radios have screens showing you more information about what you’re listening to. Whether you’re looking for the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results, check the screen to see if it’s there.
  • Control of your listening
    Certain digital radios now include the ability for you to pause and rewind live radio – so you can answer the phone, then listen to the end of that feature. Others let you set a timer to record a specific programme at a specific time. Both options give you flexibility and put you in control of your listening. For more details see our product section.

We currently offer a wide selection of DAB Solutions, both aftermarket and Integrated into your OEM system.


DVB-T Digital TV Tuners
Mobile Digital TV Receiver that you can add on to your vehicle so that passengers can watch TV whilst on the move.
Multimedia Interfaces USB/SD-Card/Aux & MP3. Depending on the type of vehicle and the year of the vehicle we offer a range of solutions that allow you to add the above features into your OEM System.


Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

  • Roof Mount DVD Players
    Ceiling mount entertainment systems play DVD, CD and MP3 discs plus the family photo album in JPEG format. The 16:9 wide-screen, flat-panel LCD displays, available in 10.2″ Hi-Def (800×480) or 8.4″ Std-Def sizes.
  • Headrests DVD
    Headrest replacement with tablet-look styling, capacitive touch controls and the ability to configure the system to meet the family’s needs. System includes two factory-match headrests with integrated 7.0” LCD Hi-Def displays, choice of media source devices, HDMI input to connect your smartphone, tablet or other HDMI devices like Google Chromecast, Roku Stick, etc. An auxiliary input for external sources, full system controls, 2-way up-down tilt, all-channel FM transmitter to play audio through the vehicles sound system, the ability to add front seat remote controls for each screen, a second auxiliary input for video game consoles, outputs for 2 additional screens and more.


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