Car Audio Equipment

Audio Amplifiers
The most intelligent component of a vehicles audio system which can increase the power of a signal. We supply a range of amplifiers that will drive your loudspeakers with power and finesse for true high-end quality.

Bluetooth devices integration
Don’t you find it frustrating every time you want to listen to you IPod/MP3 Player you have to pull out a lead from your glovebox? Why not try one of our wireless audio streaming devices via Bluetooth.

Car Radio Decoding
We have dedicated engineers who have the ability to decide, unlock and reprogram 90% of OEM radios on the market today. We do all the work to remove the unit from your vehicle saving you the hassle, some units take up-to 30-45 mins to remove and we only charge £27-£54 depending on the time taken to remove the unit this also includes the refit after it has been repaired. Our engineers apply a small charge to cover the initial diagnostics, which you are committed to but you are not committed to the repair work should you not want it repaired the unit will be returned to you. Even if you’ve been given a ‘bad code’ and entered it too many times – we can unlock then recode the unit.

DAB Digital Radio
What is DAB Digital Radio? It’s a better way of listening to radio – bringing you a whole new world of benefits.

  • An explosion in listening choice
    On DAB digital radio you can listen to national commercial stations, BBC national stations and a whole raft of local stations. Some of them are analogue favourites, others are new to your radio. Either way, you’ll enjoy a diverse mixture of listening, including stations dedicated to classic rock, musical decades, chart hits and a range of other stations to suit your mood.
  • Clearly digital sound quality
    Say goodbye to analogue hiss and crackle, DAB digital radio brings you much less interference and a massive sound quality upgrade for AM stations.
  • The end of confusing frequencies
    Forget about remembering frequency numbers, a DAB digital radio displays the stations by name. That gives you the confidence to explore the airwaves and change stations at the touch of a button.
  • Brand new features
    Digital radios have screens showing you more information about what you’re listening to. Whether you’re looking for the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results, check the screen to see if it’s there.
  • Control of your listening
    Certain digital radios now include the ability for you to pause and rewind live radio – so you can answer the phone, then listen to the end of that feature. Others let you set a timer to record a specific programme at a specific time. Both options give you flexibility and put you in control of your listening. For more details see our product section.

We currently offer a wide selection of DAB Solutions, both aftermarket and Integrated into your OEM system.

Digital Sound Processors
It is now possible to enjoy a car audio system free from the limitations and signal alterations of a traditional analogue system. There are now products available that are filled with unique technologies and able to produce near perfect signals to feed in to your car amplifier without the need to change your factory head unit bit products will enable you to achieve the finest HD music in your car tuned to perfection.

Double Din Touchscreen
A Double din touchscreen enables you to modernise your factory radio to have IPod/IPhone connectivity, USB/Aux, Bluetooth/A2DP audio streaming, Apple Car Play and other features. We stock a range of Double din Touchscreen systems that can integrate in a vehicle that currently houses a double-din size radio.

GPS Navigation Systems
GPS navigation systems enable you to replace your factory radio with one that will provide not only, have IPod/IPhone connectivity, USB/Aux, Bluetooth/A2DP audio streaming, Apple Car Play and other features, but also Satellite Navigation enabling you to navigate routes to different destinations safely without the need of an extra window mounted Sat Nav. We currently stock a number of top of the range GPS navigation systems which will fit any vehicle you may have.
Hands-free Car Kits
It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle or drive using a hand-held phone or similar devices. The rules are the same if you’re stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic. You can get an automatic fixed penalty notice if you’re caught using a mobile phone while driving or riding. 3 penalty points which can increase to 6 and a £100 fine!!
The only devices you are permitted to use to make calls are a Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits. A device that allows you to safely make and receive calls, access phonebooks, caller ID’s and voice prompts. We stock a whole range of Bluetooth products to suit your needs from basic to high-end ones that offer music streaming, USB and Auxiliary.

“It doesn’t matter what Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit you go for; it matters to have one, be safe”

IPod/IPhone OEM Integration
Most new vehicles currently provide this feature, however don’t despair if yours does not, we currently have a number of products that will integrate into your Factory OEM system and provide an output to play your music through your system.
OEM Retrofits
We specialise in OEM retrofit bespoke media systems that are a like for like replacement, which modernises your factory audio system giving you, Navigation, Bluetooth, USB/AUX, IPod/IPhone, SD Card and many more features whilst keeping the factory look and feel.

Replacement Parts
We can obtain a selected number of approved branded parts in order to repair or replace faulty parts, some of the most popular are listed below:
◦ Complete tape units
◦ Replacement bulbs and LCDs
◦ Complete CD decks
◦ Factory OEM Amplifiers
Lexus Mark Levinson Repair
A very common fault that we have come across is the faulty Mark Levinson™ multimedia power amplifiers found in Lexus cars. We now have dedicated engineers who specialise in repairing all models of these amplifiers.
Common problems could include:
• No sound – Just low thumping from the speakers
• The loss of more than one channel
• Constant fuse blowing in fuse box
• High pitched white noise
• No Telephone or Sat-Nav function

If you are doing some research you probably already know how expensive and difficult to source these units are. Main dealer price usually starts at around £1200 plus Vat – we have so far successfully repaired many units with most main dealers using us as an alternative to replacing the unit – the cost is much more reasonable.


Sound Proofing and Vibration Deadening
Is your vehicle too noisy? Sometimes the excitement of having new speakers installed can make you overlook the extra benefits you could do to enhance your all round sound. By spending that little bit of time and attention to detail you can ensure you leave with a clear sound which eliminates road noise and other annoying noises that may prevent you from hearing your music. Luckily, we now can supply Sound Deadening as an optional extra that can enhance your sound.

There are many less expensive products out there, and there are quite a few that are more expensive… So, do your homework and listen carefully, because no other piece of equipment makes a bigger difference in the sound of your system than your speakers. We stock a range of speakers from two way setups to components. You can be sure to find the right pair with us. It’s all about making your music come alive with realism and excitement.

Our head unit selection ranges from CD/MP3 car stereos to iPod, SD Card, USB/Aux, Bluetooth and DAB Digital Radio car stereos. Also, we can install them for you and advise you on the best car stereo that suits your needs.

Our most affordable enclosed subwoofer systems feature MDF construction and quality carpet for a clean, classy look. Both ported and sealed systems are available, each engineered to extract optimum performance from their subwoofer drivers.

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